My First Day Back In Kindergarten

Today I got the opportunity to help in Madi’s class. My task was nothing fancy. It was actually quite tedious.

As I cut papers, stapled, and filed I couldn’t help but think… is helping in our kids classrooms even considered by many parents anymore?

As I sat there I prayed. For Madi, her classmates, and her teacher. I was encouraged as I saw my 5 year old actively participate and follow directions. (My 5 year old who never went to pre-k but has spent all her life with my husband and I as her primary educators.) πŸ™‚

Many of my friends and I talk about whether our kids should be homeschooled or in public school. I have to say that after today I am excited to have kids in the public school system. I also appreciate those conversations with friends. Each one has left me feeling more and more convicted that if my kids are in public school than I need to do what I can to remain an active presence in their lives- at home and at school.

So what- some teachers do not allow classroom conversations about Jesus. Jesus can use my kids to share, be kind, be a friend, and help. After all, isn’t that the example Christ set for us? To be different? Set apart? A help and encourager to those in need?

If your kids are away at school during the day, here is my challenge to you: (each one we are doing as a family)

1. Pray over your kids each day- over their character and confidence. Pray for God to teach you what to pray for. Each child is different and was created by God to do great things for Him. What if our prayers are what they need to fulfill those God given destinies. (Read Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson)

2. Talk about God before school. It could be as simple as praying with your kids at breakfast or finding a family devotional. (We enjoy The Begginner Bible devo. The daily devos are short and simple- even my 3 year old participates.)

3. Take your child or teen out for some one-on-one time once a month. Ask about school, their friends, and what they are learning.

4. Help in class. If you need a babysitter, honestly being a part of a local church is your best network for finding sitters. πŸ™‚ If you work outside the home during the day email your child’s teacher each week with encouragement, offer to help from home, and/or sign up for a field trip or two.

5. Set the precedence at home. I once heard a friend use their last name to do this- then I started doing it with our family. For example, “We are Traurigs and we _______(fill in the blank) help people/ encourage people/ love people…” Once you state something like that then you have started to engrave in your child’s heart that no matter where they are- if they bear that name than these qualities are who they are. (As your kids get older you can use this when your kids choose to live by the name “Christians”.) As parents we cannot change the rules of this world but we can change the world starting with the rules in our home.

With this only being my first child in school I am sure many of you have some tips for me too. Please share!!

Children are a gift from The Lord;
they are a reward from Him.
Children born to a young man
are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.
Psalm 127:3-4


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