My Pregnancy Must-Haves


Alright so for months now I have been thinking that I need to post some of the products and things that have really helped me during this pregnancy. I am around 8 months prego with Traurig baby #3. (woowhoo!) But it has been a long road filled with many crazy hormonal changes, unnecessary additions to my already stretch mark scarred tummy, and super fun dehydration and acid reflux/heart burn.

It has been fun. 🙂 lol.

But as any Mommy would agree, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Here are some prego photos from years past until now!

I hope you will find some of my tips useful during your pregnancy.

Hair Bands and Belly Bands

This is definitely a 3rd pregnancy thing for me. I have tried as hard as I can to not wear prego pants and just wear larger jeans with a hair band and belly band. Here is why:

1. I am tall. Most maternity pants are too short on me.
2. I am crazy frugal! My thinking is that if I can find a pair of jeans (non-maternity) that are a bit larger than my normal pant size than I will get more “bang for my buck” buying them. I can wear them now- with my growing belly- and also post pregnancy when I am still too big for my regular pants.

To use the hair bands just attach one end of the band to your pant button and loop it through the slit on the other side of your pant. Bring the loop back around to the button again and loop it on. Just last week, I officially started having to use TWO hair bands!

You can find a great deal on hairbands and belly bands at  Amazon.

Cucumbers and Grapes

imagesMaybe this is just being pregnant during a Florida Summer but I have really struggled with dehydration. Along with drinking a large quantity of water I have tried adding things like cucumbers and grapes regularly to my diet. Fruits and veggies like these are filled with electrolytes that help keep your body hydrated. (That is my simple explanation.) 🙂 Plus, the cucumbers are a great bland food if you are in early pregnancy and struggling with nausea.

Papaya Extract

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 10.10.13 | 3.00.47Do you have acid reflux or heartburn? Try these out. They are great for digestive issues like these. (And they have a great taste.) I have found I get the best deal ordering them from




Bananas and Oatmeal

Especially during early pregnancy, these were two things I literally could eat around the clock. While most smells and foods made me nauseous, eating a banana first thing in the morning REALLY helped. Oatmeal is great for many reasons one for me was that I could sneak things into it that would otherwise have made me, well… blah. There are many reasons for nausea during pregnancy but one is you actually being hungry. Food like these will help sustain you.

Chiropractic Care

I do visit the chiropractor. This was a great help for nausea, constipation, and other pains like pinched nerves and back pain.


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (w/ local honey)

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 10.10.13 | 3.01.57Red raspberry leaf tea is a great alternative on those mornings when all I want was coffee. The tea also helps limit nausea and those pains from muscles stretching. It smells and tastes delicious- especially w/ a little local honey! This is an incredible tea during pregnancy for many reasons. The short of it is- it boosts the supply of vital minerals and vitamins in your body, increase energy and improve uterine tone. (Vitamins and Minerals include: vitamin C, E, A, B, magnesium- helps calm the uterus, and potassium.) I order this tea from Amazon and Vitacost.

Earrings and Eyeliner

Let me explain. 🙂 Maybe this is because I already have 2 little ones running around, limited sleep, laziness… whatever the case… I have found that earrings and eyeliner are two of my pregnancy staples! While there is not much I can do about my growing belling and fading figure I can still accentuate what I have. ALL pregnant women have the “glow”. So show it off. Highlight your eyes and beautiful Mommy glow in your face. I may be exhausted but a little eyeliner and a light shade of eyeshadow go far in bringing out any woman’s beautiful eyes. Don’t lets those under eye bags hide your eyes. 🙂 I have also found adorable earrings for a few bucks at Target. These are great to help “dress up” whatever I am wearing with my hair in the ponytail (that I have had it in for a week), or down, in jeans, a dress, baggy t-shirt… whatever. You can get a great deal on some fun earrings without even leaving your house. Here are some adorable and inexpensive earrings I found at


Constipated? A handful (or few handfuls) of cashews and maybe a small cup of coffee will help. TMI? Sorry. Just trying to help. 🙂 Plus cashews are a great source of iron and antioxidants. They are also bland in taste, so they will not hurt the bellies of you ladies who are in early pregnancy and still suffering from nausea.


Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Iron and/or Chlorella

Okay I know this looks like a lot of supplements but hear me out. Here is why they help:

Most pregnant women are deficient in vitamin D. Make a conscious effort to get out into the sun (a natural source of vitamin D) and taking a supplement doesn’t hurt. Want to know more about why vitamin D is important during pregnancy? Click here to read more.

Vitamin C has been great for 3 reasons: 1. Cold season is starting here. Building up your vitamin C during seasons like this is great for helping to combat even the common cold. 2. Taking vitamin C helps our bodies to absorb iron. If you are low in iron taking a vitamin C with your iron supplement is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of  what you are taking. (On the flip side, stay away from ingesting anything high in calcium when taking your iron as this will inhibit your body’s absorption.) 3. Vitamin C helps w/ veracious vein leg pain! This is my first pregnancy struggling with this. Want to know more about vitamin C and pregnancy? Click here to read more.

Make sure to get an iron supplement that will not get you constipated. A plant/food based iron supplement is best. Chlorella is also great natural supplement to take to boost vitamins A, D, E, K1, beta carotene, lutein, B vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. Here is what I have been taking. Want to know more about why iron is important during pregnancy? Click here to read more.

I have found the best deals by buying these items through Vitacost.



Alba lotion, Aveeno bath soap, and coconut oil

skinBe prepared for your skin to change! I have gotten anything from freckles to warts while pregnant. Hey, I am just telling you like it is. I feel like no one totally warned me. Often if my skin has been itchy a simple solution has been to sit and drink, drink, drink! Keeping hydrated helps your skin. My Chiropractor has even recommended taking an extra dose of fish oil to help the elasticity of skin while pregnant. If you still find that your skin is itchy, dry, or irritated I would highly recommend any/or all of these 3 items:  Alba lotion, coconut oil, and a non-scented bath soap. I have been using target’s version of the Aveeno bath soap.


Whether you are getting cramps or it is just taking too long to fall asleep- prenatal yoga just might be the cure! My kids love trying to do this yoga with me too. Here is one of my favorite prenatal yoga workouts from Body Talk Daily. The great thing is they are FREE (thank you youtube) and they are only 10 minutes long. So, if you are only feeling up to doing one you can stop after doing one or you can keep selecting more workouts to try.

The Beginners Bible Family devotional

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 10.10.13 | 3.05.05Are you suffering from  Mommy guilt? I definitely do. With two little ones in the home I am having to find creative ways to be active with them and be pouring into them individually. Each morning we read The Beginners Bible Kid-Sized Devotionals before my daughter goes to school. The great things about these devos are that they are short and simple. My 3 year old participates in the reading too. School does not start until 9:40AM so a breakfast devo is perfect for us. Find a time that works for you!



Here are a few other items I have come to love during pregnancy:

Gum– I always keep some minty gum around. This is great especially during the first trimester when you are fighting nausea.

Crockpot– whether you are too nausiaus to cook or are just out of energy by the end of the day, crock pot meals can be lifesaving (and budget saving)! There are so many great recipes you can no matter what dietary issues you or your family might have. Here are some of my favorites!

Yoga Ball– If you are having lower back or hip soreness get out the yoga ball! Enjoy sitting on it for 20 minute increments. To step it up try moving your hips around in a circular motion while sitting on the ball.t

Greek Yogurt & Granola– This has been a favorite morning or late night snack for me. 🙂 High in vitamins and minerals as well as protein.

Baby Freebies: Are you nesting yet? Check out some of these fun freebies for you and your little one. You don’t have to wait to start stocking up on essentials for you and your little baby.

Baby shoes

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