My week of #momwins

Since I am back blogging (hobby blogging- dont expect anything fancy here)… I wanted to be sure to regularly post life posts. So here is my first of a weekly series I would like to call… well, I am still working on that part. Check back next Friday for an actual graphic and title. Ha!

For this week, I will call them #momwins
moments from my weeks that will hopefully bring a smile to your face. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and get ready to smile as I add  up the math on my #momwin (and fails) from this week:

  • 5 messy rooms in the house (I shamefully admit I have not touched a vacuum once this week.)
  • 1 kid barfing in her car seat.
  • 2 lunch dates at school with my elementary kiddos
  • 4 days watching 6 extra kids in the house
  • 1 little one who only showered once this week (I JUST realized that last night… and just put her to bed stinky. #momfail) hahaha #momgoal for today.
  • 1 kid getting a 6+/6 on her standardized math testing at school (She has her father’s brain. My parents questioned if I needed to be in the special needs class when I was her age. True story.)
  • 1 day with no deodorant. That was a rough day. For me and anyone who walked pass me and caught a wiff.
  • 3 broken plates. I have been working with the kids on doing chores. But alas… not without one of them breaking plates while helping with dishes
  • 1 van with no trash in it. I did manage to pick up all the trash in the van. I think.
  • 1 grocery trip spending $36 and saving $78 (whoop whoop)
  • 1 husband. Yup. I just checked. He is still hanging around. <3 #foreverdate
  • 1 pacifier left. ahhh! I am trying to figure out if I should just wean the baby from pacifiers or search the house for the missing pacifiers. Sleepless nights with a screaming baby vs. quiet house… hmmmmm?
  • countless hours listening to stories about the school bus ride (my 1st grader is crushing on an older girl who is “so kind” on the bus <3 )

Comment below with your math from moments this week. As grown ups, parents, and human beings I think it is so important to celebrate one another’s fails and wins. As each moment is an opportunity to learn, enjoy, and grow.

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