My Winn Dixie Faves (9/2- 9/8) & a few dinner ideas

Okay, so you know I usually love snagging deals at Publix but to be honest this week I am a Winn Dixie (and Aldi) girl. One of the #1 ways to simply save money is to shop according to first your budget and second according to the meal and snack needs of your family. Many people get stuck spending money and time couponing and shopping sales for items they do not need. Ultimately this type of shopping cycle is not going to help anyone’s budget or waistline. 

For me, Winn Dixie has the lowest prices on the bulk of what I need to purchase for my family this week. Here are just a few of the items on my shopping list: I hope it helps! 🙂

Remember WINN DIXIE takes competitor coupons. Use your $5/$40 Publix coupon from Sunday’s newspaper there.

Winn Dixie Deals runs from 9/2-9/8

There are other great deals. These are just some of my favorites for making my family meals this week. 🙂

Any additional ingredients I needed for meals AND produce I was able to get for a great deal at Aldi. (Including Boneless Pork Roast for $1.10 lb!!!)

What’s on our menu with groceries like this?

  • Fish tacos
  • Mojo Pork
  • Prairie Sushi
  • Mahi Mahi with Thai Coconut Curry
  • Chicken Salad
  • Spicy Sausage Pasta
  • Thai Quinoa
  • Hummus & Grilled Vegetable Wraps
  • Dirty Fried Rice
  • Broccoli & Cheddar Soup (Panera Copy-Cat)

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