Never Forget Where You Came From

Who is it that coined the saying,

No matter where life takes you, never forget where you came from.

As I read some of the scriptures today I cannot shake that phrase from my mind.

I have been reading from a chronological Bible that I was gifted with last year. I LOVE it. (btw.. I would recommend one to anyone wanting to read more of their Bible but maybe get confused or cannot “get into” parts of the Old Testament. The chronological Bible organizes the chapters and books of the Bible by when the events written about actually happened historically. Many of the wars, kings…etc recorded in the pages of the Bible you can then line up with other historical documents from around the world- outside of scripture. Cool, right?)


Anyway… I am reading now about Saul and David.

Did you know that Saul became king because the Israelites were no longer content being led by God alone as their King? They looked at the nations around them who had men leading them as their kings and they complained to God asking for a king too. God chose Saul but not without a warning (1 Samuel 8:10-22).

The interesting thing is that Saul was a man from the “smallest tribe” in Israel. IE. very insignificant (9:21). God chose a humble man, with a reputation of integrity, who came from the humblest tribe. Oh, and right before Saul was anointed King he was in the middle of serving and obeying his father (1 Samuel 9).

Saul becomes king. Initially the humbleness and integrity remain a part of him. In time, it is recorded that Saul’s kingship is summed up by war after war (1 Samuel 14:52). There is no peace. To add onto that, Saul starts making plans without God, lying to God, and taking credit for wins he could not accomplish without the One who chose Him. So what does God do, He chooses another man who has a heart like His (13:13-14).

The next king, is another man who God appoints while he too is in the middle of serving his father- David. David was the youngest and considered the most insignificant of his brothers. While his brothers went to fight in Saul’s wars David served his father’s sheep (1 Samuel 17:15).

Okay so I cannot help but draw a correlation between God choosing a new king “after His own heart” who is a SHEPHERD who CHOOSES to help his father with his sheep.  David lives and serves as a shepherd even after being anointed as the next royalty.

God calls those of us who know where we came from. We were just dust before HE breathed life into us (Genesis 2:7, Psalm 103:14).We are humbled by our need for grace because of our ever evident lack of perfection. God calls those who are willing to choose to be shepherds to His sheep- even after we are anointed as His heirs.

Have you forgotten where you came from?
Have you forgotten that we were nothing but dust before HE gave us life?
Have you forgotten your first call- as a shepherd/shepherdess?
Have you forgotten what you were before promotions, job, relationship, make-up, money?

God called the Israelites, when they forgot where they came from (and ALL God had done to rescue them) what happened?
God called Saul to be Israel’s first king. A man committed to serving his father with the least qualifications for king. When He forgot where he came from, what happened?
God called David to be king, a shepherd who fought to protect and take care of his father’s sheep. When David forgot where he came from, what happened? (I guess you have to keep reading scriptures to find that out.) 🙂

God has anointed each of us who choose to be called Christ Followers. Let us not forget where we came from.

After all, I can’t help but think: He doesn’t NEED us… we NEED Him.

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