Persuasive Thoughts Today

My job is never to persuade someone into a relationship with Christ but rather to live love – a love he gives me. When we as Christians focus more on building our platforms of persuasion then we miss out. 

God’s love transforms hearts and lives while our words may only be powerful enough to change a mind. 

Lean into his power. I cannot count the days I have that begin with:

“God you know me better than I know myself. Convict me where I am wrong. Chip away where my comforts are getting in the way of your callings. Show how to see them/others/myself as you do. I do not want to do anything today in my own strength. May your power and love move through my words, thoughts, and actions. And may you get the credit. Guard my heart. Guard my mind. God you are good. I give you thanks today- no matter what comes. In the name of Jesus- Amen”


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