Pinterest Holiday DiY? Nope… Ain’t nobody got time for that.

My name is Amy and I love my Pinterest boards. And yes, I probably get around to trying out maybe 1/10th of the things I pin.

But with Christmas just days away, school out, and 3 kids at home I needed a Holiday craft ASAP.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and added it to the list of Holiday crafts I wanted to try… but will probably never get around to trying. Spend hours cutting out felt for a craft my kids will do in less than 10 minutes and most likely lose 1/2 of the pieces to. (Not to mention that I am completely incapable of cutting a straight line.) My poor kids would definitely get a DiY Charlie Brown tree from this Mama.

That’s when I saw it. Awwwhhh…


Target sells a pre made kit AND their money saving cartwheel app offers a % off the cost.

Step aside Martha Stewart, I am pinning my anti-DiY Holiday craft perfect for real moms with really good intentions andreally bad DiY craft skills. 🙂

Here’s a peak at some of the fun we had.



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