Pre K at home learning to use scissors

Often people give me a crazy look when they find out my little ones don’t go to pre-k. I just love getting to spend that special time with them investing in their precious hearts and getting to know their budding personalities before we send them to Public school for kindergarten.

Now with having them at home we do work on things to prepare for kindergarten. Some days the biggest lessons might simply be to get along with siblings, obey adults, or flush after going potty. 🙂 Other days we work on numbers, learning the alphabet and Bible stories, and fine motor basics.

Today we focused on learning to use scissors.

Madi learned to cut spending time with Mommy and coupons. To ts day she considers that a special time for her and Mommy. 🙂 So today, Aaron and I practiced cutting… Or in 4 year old boy language “making the alligator chomp down on the dotted lines”

Don’t misunderstand, this is no coupon sweatshop. It tests my patience and takes four times as long to cut one coupon. But we are learning and spending time together.

20 minutes of my life spent on 5 coupons with a little boy who has my heart in his hands. 🙂



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