Printable Valentine’s Day Cards ** for kids to color **

vcardlogoMy kids have been asking for valentines for their teachers since mid-January. (I kid you not!)

After taking them to look at cards for their teachers- realizing the prices were between $3.00- $5.00 a card- I asked if they wanted to make their teachers’ cards.

They fell for it!Small Card

My desperate attempt to save some $$ became an idea the kids were excited to be a part of. You may be thinking… “so what Amy… it’s only saving $6” but no… have you met my kids? They told me when their bus driver’s birthday was! They make, bake, and give to neighbors, school teachers, cafeteria assistants, church teachers, bus drivers… the list goes on. So lets just spare the math and trust that convincing them to color Valentine’s  Day cards for their teachers will save a lot of $$. And it is cuter, right?

So here they are.


Print this fun foldable Valentine’s Day Card. Click HERE.

My kids are REALLY into knock knock jokes…  so here is a fun KNOCK KNOCK JOKE printable Valentine’s Day Card.

Put together the perfect card for you with these different card front and back options:





I went ahead and created some fun templates for my kids and thought I would post if you were in the same boat I am. That is what this blog is for.

I will forever be a mommy, wife, and woman in training posting my fails, wins, and random creations.

Do you have any fun ideas to share for Valentine’s Day?

Here is how our family celebrates Valentine’s Day.





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