Provision & Planning 1


Earlier this year my husband asked me if I would consider starting a reading plan with him to read through the Bible in one year. Now, I have to admit my first thoughts were along the lines of:

Right now?
Of course he would aske me now RIGHT after having a baby.
How inconsiderate.
Does he not think I have enough on my plate or something?
Great! The last thing I need is to feel guilty about not reading my Bible enough right now.
I can’t even get enough sleep, there is no way I can keep up reading through the Bible….

Then it hit me (or rather He hit me with)
“Amy you’ve asked for this.”
” Amy, you’ve prayed for this.”
I had.
In eight years of marriage I had often prayed for Adrian to initiate reading a study or something with me. 
You see, I’m sure that is comes as no surprise that I tend to be the initiator with things.
Meet Amy… the over thinker, over talker, and over initiator.
Now meet Adrian (her perfect match)… the over patient, over listener, and over… Awesome! ( I admit I couldn’t think of another “over” word. 🙂
000_0039[1]So, I submitted to the realization that I had asked for this. I had even prayed for it. How dare I turn it down or be frustrated by it.  The timing may not have been what I would have planned – having had our 3rd child in early December- but come to find out the timing was better than I could have planned. 
Come to find out, I can get a lot of reading done during those early morning feedings with the baby. Also, last month my husband lost his job. We just so happened to be reading through the book of Acts during that time and boy did God lay on the affirmation of His provision and planning through those words. 
I admitted it once but I will admit it again, the timing may not have been what I would have planned but His timing provided the words we needed- the provision we desperately desired in a life of times unplanned.

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