Read Between The Lines :: Judging a Book By The Cover



Have you ever thought any of these…?

She lost all that baby weight

She either doesn’t have time to eat or has become a stock holder in spanx. Pass me the donut, happiness and spanx-please!


Her teeth are so perfectly white

There is a good chance that they are fake, venires, or fancy mom dentures. Let’s just say moms rock grills too.  She could just be blessed with pearly whites. If so, good for her. My money is on venires, though.


Her perfume smells amazing

We’ve all been there… she forgot deodorant. Aka. Over compensation. That also may explain if she is a little stand offish- bearing the impression of “too cool” – and being stingy on hugging friends today. For shame. Or she fears she reaks of a more “all natur-al” smell like baby spit up, breast milk, or any combo of those. Whatever the case, find out where she bought the scent? A girl has got to help another girl out and pass along good details like that.


Her hair is perfect

She probably didn’t shower this morning. Maybe she didn’t have time. Maybe she didn’t even realize she forgot to shower until 8 minutes down the road today. That may be day 2 hair… Or maybe she slept through an uncomfortable night of product  and annoying curlers that grate into your scalp while you sleep. Beauty is pain. Right? Ugh. I think I will take sleep. Peace out pretty hair.


Her clothes fit perfectly- and so trendy too

Nothing fits the same after having kids. She had to charge the card to buy up a size or two for them to fit that way. Or she snagged a great deal that you should be aware of. Get the where, when, how on that ensemble. Chances are, no one has verbalized appreciation for her gorgeous garb. Be a trend setter. #verbalappreciationtrendsetter


She drinks the coolest- most expensive- coffee

She broke. She feels too old and is trying to recapture youth through an overpriced drink she knows she shouldn’t spend the money on. She quenching her thirst to fit in. Drink relevancy. Or she is sleepwalking. She got no sleep last night and isn’t thinking straight. (That explains why spending $5 on a fist sized drink was “worth it” this morning.)

She is a better mom- She sits and plays with her kids

She can’t feel her legs and simple feels it best to stay on the floor than try and wobble back up. She may be counting down the minutes and hours until nap time. She sits to stay awake and plays so other moms don’t judge her for simply sitting in the job.


Her kids behave so well

She probably just threatened their lives 2 minutes before you walked into the room because one bit the other, screamed, lied, or all of the above.


I wish my pants fit like that

There is a good chance she chose commando at this point. Long car ride, limited bathroom breaks for mom…. Let’s face it the lack of a panty line probably has more to do with her disposed drawers due to a leakage issue than a sexy thong. I will keep my line AND comfortability- thank you.


She seems so happy

It may be more her  choice than circumstance.


Her husband and her seem to have so much fun aka “she’s so lucky”

They are probably investing every dime into fighting for a relationship that time, children, finances, and fears are stretching apart. Cheer that woman on. Take some notes. Her “luck” may be more a product of choices than chance.


Her house is so clean

Have you checked her closet?


The moral of the story, most immaculately cleaned houses have a  little junk thrown in the closet. The closed door just keeps it out of sight.

I hope it goes without clarifying but not all these statements (if any) are true of women in your life. But the moral is the same: Assume grace in another woman’s life – not perfection. Every house has a closet and so does every woman.

Thank you to Sarah for the beautiful photo.

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