Really? Fourth of July… Really?

Have you ever seen the SNL sketch “really”? In their news segment?

Well, for all my SNL lovers..this is for you. Anyone else… I apologize.

I was just reading Mathew 20 last night and couldn’t help but process it all in this way. Click HERE to read the entire passage.

Really James and John’s mom? Really? Did you really ask Jesus this?

James and John’s mother may have been the one who initially asked Jesus about her sons’ being with him- as equal in value as possible, beside him- but the sons quickly asserted that they too believed they were “worthy” of such an honor. 

Really ?James? Really John? Were they not blind? 

And really? Right after Jesus talks about workers taking on humility through a parable. A parable rebuking the exact mindset these two men (and their mother) had. Really guys? Want to make it any more obvious that you didn’t get that parable. Like giving a math answer in you world history class. Really?

And then really? That this situation with two blind hearted disciples is followed by Jesus just “coincidentally” being approached by two literal blind men in need of healing. Really?

Do you think Jesus- the son of God- knew this juxtaposition would occur? The Son of the One who orchestrates our every opportunity would so profoundly follows the question of two disciples with a literal encounter with two men bearing the personification of the disciples inner ailment.

What we can learn here I really think can be summed up in one of the earlier verses of Matthew 20- verse 15:

Are you really going to be stingy because I am generous? (Really added) 🙂

Let us not be stingy with our freedom. In our lives, our liberties, our pursuits of happiness and faith. Remember and celebrate the One we can never be worthy of. And today, let us remember the ones who have dedicated their lives to give us freedoms in this country we live.

This Independence Day, let’s get real. Lets get really generous. Let’s stay really humble. And let’s really celebrate.

Happy Fourth of July!