Salad Jar tips *vlog*

The video is rough… but here it is. 🙂 A late night look at a new trend in the Traurig house… salad jars!

Recipes to come.

Here are some tips from the video:

  1. Create your own salad jars using whatever veggies and proteins you have
    1. We utilize leftover meats (If I am cooking chicken for a meal I often cook an extra breast to use in a salad jar.)
    2. We use veggies from our garden as well as whatever vegetables are in season – therefore saving the most $
  2. Not all salad jars require lettuce
    1. Some of our favorite salad jars have had no lettuce! Utilize the vegetables you have to create one delicious salad!
  3. Freezing vegetable tips: (onions, peppers…etc)
    1. chop up
    2. lay out flat on a cookie tray
    3. place in the freezer for 10 minutes
    4. remove and place in an air tight baggie or container
    5. label
    6. refreeze


And yes… that is my kitchen counter (as is). I was getting ready to prep school lunches as well. I didn’t even remove the donuts from the background. 🙂
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