Summer Reflection

As I sit here, with my feet up for the first time in days, keeping warm from the blistering Florida summer heat beneath my niece’s ‘My Little Pony’ blanket, k-cup number two brewing for a very necessary second cup of coffee today- my mind wanders…

I feel convicted.

How much time in my week do I spend social with media when I could be social with neighbors, kids, my spouse, even myself?

One hour scrolling through my news feed vs. dessert date night and mini-make-out sesh with my love

Media is great. Don’t get me wrong. I have connected with old friends and far away family on social media. Just today I snagged a free deal from one of my favorite stores because of a promo code on social media. I am not anti-social media. I just need a balance.

Maybe if I utilized social media better, I wouldn’t be questioning anything. I could move up from hobby blogger to full-time-income blogger. (Nah!) I could have a hit YouTube channel…

My best YouTube tutorial idea: a hair how-to on a style I am claiming as original.  You don’t know about my “bullet” hair tutorial… Ready?

Sloppy Mom bun + a little left over mullet hair that didn’t make it into the bun = the bullet

Traurig Hair Tutorial video posting soon. JK  

This hairstyle is an unfortunate staple for this Mommy of 4.

So back to social media… I’m backing away from the social media rat race. For now at least. I have books to raise. Kids to read. … you get the point DIYs to do around the new house. 

You can catch me poolside this Summer with the kids and their cousins 🙂

Check back on the blog for our favorite recipes, moments, and fun DIYs. 

A cool-down summer lunch for my 4 kids + their 3 local cousins: tortillas, cream cheese (I like veggie flavored), veggies, meat & cheese

Gluten free alteration: wrap with corn tortillas, lunch meat, or lettuce

Dairy free alteration: omit cheese and cream cheese, load on some of your favorite salad dressing

Are your kids picky eaters

Give them choices within boundaries. Invite your kids to build their own wraps. If your kids don’t like salads, set out a few different dressings and have them pick the one they want. Make lettuce in the wrap mandatory but the dressing they can pick out. This will also help the kids become less intimidated by foods like salads because they have enjoyed salad veggies and dressings in other foods.

Our big house project on a budget:: pallet wood counter. Posting more soon… 


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