Superhero Lollipop Valentines

After Halloween, I snagged a few bags of blow pops for 70-90% off. So what valentines are my kids giving out this year? Blow pops! 


While my daughter liked this fun DIY using the blow pops instead of bubbles (thanks ThreeLittleMonkeysStudio)


My son wanted super hero capes for his blow pops. Well, actually his first choice was to make the blow pops looks like bombs with a tag saying “you are the bomb”/”you blow me away” but… seeing as my kids go to a public school, I was not too sure the school system would allow it. No matter how cute the design looked on pinterest. 🙂

After searching the web for cute printable lollipop cape templates I found NONE that we liked. So I made these. Print them if you can use them too!

If there is another super hero your little valentines like better than Superman and Batman comment below or shoot me an email and I will post a template with that hero’s emblem too.

After all, that is what this mommy blogging is all about, right?

Click HERE for  LollipopSuperman template or LollipopBatman template.

More Valentine’s posts to come!


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