Provision & Planning 2


Well, two months into this reading plan and I am actually still on track. My husband and I even did a little getaway to St Augustine and I still kept up with he the reading!

During our trip we finished the book of Genesis.

Most people- of any faith- know the stories in the book of Genesis. You have Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. (My favorite though it when I hear people talking about how “Moses” built the ark. To be honest, I’m sure I’ve slipped that out on accident a time or two also.) 

photoWhile sitting at a quant little Irish restaurant off the Main Street of Historic Saint Augustine, Adrian and I started talking about our life and how it relates to Abraham and Joseph.

God promises Abraham that he would give him land and grow his family to be as numerous as the stars. How confusing would it be then for his great grand kids when they all have to move to land near Egypt (with Joseph) because they are no longer able to sustain life on their own turf because of the drought?

I wonder if any of Abraham’s family members questioned God’s promises and plans at this time? Why would God bring them to Egypt when he clearly called them to be blessed in the promised land? 

How often do we miss God’s provision because we are too busy questioning His planning?



How often do we miss God’s provision because we are too busy questioning His plans?


Like with Abraham and his descendants, Gods plans travel a much longer distance than our vision can allow us to see. In the middle of God’s plan he may take us to an “Egypt” to save us from drought or rather to provide for us during a season of drought in our lives. 

Let us not get so caught up in the doubts and details of Gods planning that we miss out on how He is providing for today. 

When we live each day praying for God to continue to use us for His plans, He promises to always provide. It may just be in ways and places that we never would have chosen on our own.

Dear God, I praise  you for this land of Goshen in my life (the land near Egypt). God you are Soverieign. I know and I trust that your promises extend beyond where my eyes can see. Wherever my feet may land, God I praise you. Whatever seasons come, God I know you provide. God, you are my God, and wherever you lead- I will follow, I will trust, and I will sing songs of thanks to you. – In your precious Son’s name, Amen.


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