Teachable Moment: Princess

In our home, we try to use everything as a teachable moment! From a Disney princess to the celebration of Halloween, my husband and I really make a point to use what we can in the world to teach our children about who they are in Christ and who God created them to be.

Disney Princesses: 
  • Every girl is a princess because they were created by their Father who is the King of Kings! 
  • Just because a princess wears a pretty dress is she beautiful? If Cinderella was in her pretty dress but was being mean (or not sharing…etc) would she seem beautiful? We can wear pretty things but what really makes a princess beautiful is what is in her heart. When we have Jesus in our hearts, he helps us to do beautiful things.
  • Watch a Disney princess movie together. Talk about what the princess did. In each movie the princess possesses a great quality that can bring about a great discussion about qualities God has given us. We were created to be His prince and princesses. Be can be brave like Mulan, kind like Snow White, caring like Cinderella, adventurous(what she could do even though he was the youngest) like Arial, repentant (saying sorry) like Merida in Brave, talented/hard working like Tiana, hopeful like Rapunzel, loving like Jasmine…etc. (Those are just off the top of my head. I am sure you can come up with much better examples after watching the movies.) 🙂

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