Thanksgiving Bible Verse Coloring Pages and FREE Downloads

Here is just a little teaser for Thanksgiving… 🙂


I will post more later and also don’t forget to check this week to see some more fun ideas from ME for you and your family this Thanksgiving.

We have been enjoying celebrating Thanksgiving early this year. With Baby Sadie due on Thanksgiving it has forced me to be  proactive with our Thanksgiving celebrations. (I will be sure to post pictures this week of some of the crafts, DIY decorations, and Thanksgiving snacks we have enjoyed making.)

For now, I hope you enjoy these simple and fun ideas! 🙂

Here are a few memory verse coloring pages for you and the kiddos.
Memorize them together and put them up in your home.
Simple verses like these can help transform your heart and your home.

Click the links below to download your FREE Thanksgiving Bible Verse coloring pages.



Want to get really crafty? Buy a cheapo picture frame. Frame and hang your child’s artwork! Use this picture not only as a reminder of God’s word but also an annual Thanksgiving decoration.



Here is a fun and simple “Color by Number” page. Click HERE for your free download.

Want to make it a game? My friend Dawn is awesome at this. She gives the kids dice and has them roll to see what number they can color. Notice that there is no #6 to color? Make that the “wild” number and let the kids choose which number to color on that roll.


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    • Thanks for the encouragement Tammy! Let me know what other activities you would love to see more of!

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