The Anti-Post

So if you are anything like me, you are wondering when Moms are going to start posting when they have a less than pinterest perfect, martha stewart, brag-able parenting kind of day.
Welp, here is mine. 

Today was one of those grocery shopping trips that every Mom dreads. 

I will spare you the details and just post the highlights:

  1. Children pushing the cart into the elderly while I grab juice. (Can you really apologize enough when that happens?)
  2. Children fighting at checkout
  3. Waiting to finish check out with my 3 year old announcing YELLING that he has to poop. Over and over and over and over again…
  4. A five year old who, while looking the other way, walks into the cart and begins to scream. I try to calm her (thinking she is being dramatic.) We walk into the bathroom (to take care of the other child’s loud issue) and I see she completely is getting a black eye.

If you are not yet laughing, crying, or believe all of this could possibly be true, I posted pictures as evidence- as any good mom would do, right?

So here is my “anti-post” from my grocery shopping trip. Lol. 

I hope you are having a wonderful night. As for me, I am about to pour a tall glass of welches as my poor pregnancy substitution for the glass of wine I would love to be having this evening. 😉



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