The Barber Shop

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you just stepped back in time?

imageYesterday we visited Doug’s Barber Shop in Ft Myers, Florida. It may not sound that exciting to you but for me it was epic. A shop reeking of nostalgia on a day filled with excitement and heightened anticipation. Let me explain:

Doug’s Barber Shop was originally owned by my husband’s grandfather. His grandpa who worked up until the last few weeks of his life. His grandpa who passed away exactly two years ago- yesterday. We were there during those final days for Grandpa Traurig. Here is a Facebook note I wrote 2 years ago dedicated to another emotional day just before Grandpa Traurig passed away- the day Adrian baptized his Grandpa.

Btw, we did not realize that we were visiting the Barber shop on this anniversary until after talking with Adrian’s grandma yesterday. For me, that makes this memory even more precious.

image-7Years ago, Grandpa Traurig passed the barber shop down to one of his four sons, Doug Traurig. Doug remains the owner today. And he is the barber responsible for Aaron’s adorable new haircut.

Growing up, Adrian’s family brought him to the shop to get his haircut. So we decided it was time to take Aaron.


The Barber shop is filled with mementos of times gone by. From the antique cash register- that they still use, to the empty barber’s chair that still has his grandpa’s name hanging over it. Yesterday was filled with sweet memories as we were making one new.



It was a special day for Aaron and Adrian. And for this pregnant Mama, it was epic. 😉

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