The Ugly Step Child- self sufficiency

The sin of self sufficiency… the ugly step child of the sin of pride. Self check: am I self sufficient or Savior sufficient?

The Pharisees were (are) self sufficient.
But we don’t talk about this sin, right? It’s not big enough to qualify for hypocritical Christian judgement.
How many of us consider ourselves righteous yet pursue God with such self sufficient hope and faith?

I struggle with self sufficiency.

But since when is any good work I do good enough for the Creator of everything? Since when am I good enough to not need His grace?

Pride may come before a fall, but self sufficiency will keep me from ever experiencing God’s miracles. It is like the sin of pride for the modern day control freak.

We are doing every march or movement for equality in our nation a disservice if at the end of each day we feel that it is through our individual strengths, dreams, and personal pursuits that we can attain it all. Self sufficiency will KEEP us from miraculous happiness and purpose in this life- just as much as pride would. God made us in his likeness, He did not make us like Him.

Are we following Christ or are we inviting him to follow us?

Surrender self sufficiency. Stop calling the shots. Serve the one who saves.

Let’s be a people full of God’s love, full of God’s grace, and less full of ourselves.