Throwback Thoughts: All Aboard!

Popular Misconception: My decision to not believe in Jesus Christ and not live by what the Bible teaches impacts how real/relevant God’s word is.

Truth: God has been at work and will continue to exist regardless of whether we choose to believe in Him or not. We have as much “say” in choosing whether or not God exists as we do choosing to make it day or night. 

The image I think of is a moving train. This train has been running long before any of us were anywhere near existing even as embryos. The train does not stop or slow down. This Train runs beside us wherever we may be. No matter where we are in life (geographically or spiritually) we are always within an arms length from jumping on. And, according to the Bible, God has placed Jesus on that train. What is Jesus doing on that train? Well, the Bible teaches that Jesus is the one who is constantly leaning out with his arms stretched out ready and willing to pull us on. We cannot get on the train without Him pulling us on yet how many times do we try jumping on- in our own strength- or search for another [false prophet] to get us on the train. God already provided the way on.

Even if we turn our back to the tracks and try to deny the train’s existence. This train has been in constant motion long before we existed and will continue to run long after we die. 

Just like jumping onto a moving train, living for Christ is full of risk and adventure. So why does anyone jump on a moving train? Because that train is their hope. That train is their means to a better destination. The question is, are you going to jump on and be a part of what God has already set into motion? If you have fallen off, remember that those hands are still reaching out- ready and wanting to pull you back on. The destination is great but the ride is even greater.


I couldn’t resist adding this “throwback” 1996 song here. I want to add a disclaimer that this song in no way reflects my musical taste. 

 C'Mon N Ride It (the Train) by Quad City DJ's
 C’Mon N Ride It (the Train) by Quad City DJ’s
Now if only I can come up with a blog that goes with “Whoomp There It Is”. 🙂

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