Today: Celebrate National Cheesecake Day!

Date Night:

Daddy and Daughter date idea!! Daddy’s take your little girls out and celebrate. Don’t have a daughter? Well, I doubt any wife or girlfriend would complain if you insisted on taking her out to celebrate. I know I wouldn’t… hint hint. 😉

Family Devo:

Use cheesecake to teach your kiddos that God can use even the bad times in our lives for good. (Romans 8:28)  How many of you like to eat cake? Why? Do any of you know what things go into a cake? [Give time for them to guess.] Would you ever consider eating the ingrediants of a cake separately? A spoon of flour? A raw egg? A little oil? [Allow children to taste a little flour, oil or cocoa.] How did that taste? Yuk! It’s a lot like life. Separately there are some bitter times, some raw, hurtful times, and some dry, bland times. But there are also the good times!

Together God is able to blend them all together to create a life that is meaningful, useful, and tasty!

For more of this lesson Click HERE (Thanks!)



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Make Cheesecake at Home

Want to enjoy cheesecake at home? Check out this recipe for Homemade Rainbow Cheesecake!

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