Today I Feel Rich

As I step into the shower and receive water from plumbing that provides it effortlessly, I feel rich.

To have water, heated to my liking cascade freely over my aching muscles, I feel rich.

As I sit on the floor to watch and play with my goofy children, I feel rich.

To hear giggling voices call to me, as if it is only them and I who share a secret special language “Mommy”- that is their name for me and only me- I feel rich.

As I fold a mountain of clothes- all clean and all belonging to my family, I feel rich.

To sleep in a bed, I feel rich.

As I sit under this roof dry beneath the heavy pitter patter of the rain storm, I feel rich.

To hear the hum of cooled air pump into each room of our house, I feel rich.

As I feel movements, abundant movements, within my belly, I feel rich.

To laugh together after all these years and still make him smile, I feel rich.

And my God will meet all your needs… Philippians 4:19
Want more? Ecclesiastes 6, Deuteronomy 28, Matthew 6:19-21, 1 Timothy 6:17-19  


We decided to take the children out fishing with us. As can be expected, their attention quickly drifted and they decided to play together instead of fish. So what is it they choose to play while surrounded by the beautiful outdoors? They are pretending to watch tv.

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