As I try to think of what to title this post, so many things came to mind. I mean what do you title a post to mark the day that your oldest daughter turns 8 and your Pop (grandpa) passes away.

Life, Happy Birthday, Celebrate, Joys

Today is a day to remember. Today is a day to celebrate life. Today is a day that, though tears are being cried, much joy is to be had. Today is my daughters’ birthday and the day my Pop is pain free.

IMG_0356When I look at my sweet Madi girl I see so many beautiful things. Her smile, eyes, giggle, and silliness. I love this sweet girl. And I am so proud of her. As I celebrate her life today, my heart is also filled with joy as I celebrate the life of my Pop and his life now.

Happy Birthday Madi! I Love you so dearly. You are precious to me and always will be. I love to watch you love your sister and brothers. I am inspired by your passion to care for others. And your brilliance! Girl, you are so smart and talented! Daddy and I are so glad God is letting us be your Mommy and Daddy. I want you to know, that no matter what, I love you.

Happy (re)Birthday Pop! I know you must be quite busy today getting to “catch up” with God and shaking hands with so many who have gone before you. But whenever you get some downtime, I just wanted to post that I love you dearly. I thank God with all my heart that I could be so privileged to know you and be your granddaughter. Thank you for your devotion to your wife, all 4 daughters, and Christ. Thank you for never ceasing in your prayers for your children, grandchildren and grandchildren. Generations are blessed because of the choices you made. Thank you.


Pop & Grandma with many (not all) of their great grandchildren.



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