Tonight, A Mile In My Shoe(s)

Tonight is the first night out for this mommy of three since… well, I think the last time I got out Disney had no powers of ice and the Minions were only yellow.

After packing the kids (and husband) up and heading out to the babysitter I look down into my large purse of packed items to find… one shoe.

Yes, that is right.

One shoe.

Now you may wonder why I didn’t just put my shoes on at home. Yes. I am wondering the same thing.

Here is my simple vlog attempt. Have you ever found yourself in similar shoe(s)?

And Mom, I am sorry. I now realize you were cool… before 4 kids. 🙂 Here’s to all the moms giving up so many marbles so you can raise little people.

Tonight I raise my shoe to you!

Tonight I salute you, the mommies!