Trading Monetary for Momentary

Dear God,
gimme some funds
gimme my happiness
and then don’t be done
i wanna lot more
so if you don’t gimme
if i end up poor
dear God I will know
you are not real for sure

– an Traurig original “less than profound” poetic prayer

Okay so maybe that is a silly prayer but I often think I can get stuck thinking of God a little like this. A God according to my needs- well the needs I can see.

But while God provides for us, produces all things, and promises to answer prayers… He is also fully capable to see beyond our moments. If we let Him, God will bless us in ways that don’t make sense.

I think our prayers can be like tightfisted budgets when God is going… “wait, but your ‘income’… your incoming blessing amount to so much more!”

He has a raise waiting that we’ve forgotten we had coming and we didn’t put the hours in to deserve. God is a God who wants to give (Luke 11:11-13).

If we demand God cater to our fiscal tight-fisted demands, we will miss the moments when he brings gifts beyond our budgeted prayers.

Take Him into account. Praise God today and trust that when you leave your worries, plans, and budgeted prayers in His hands, He is able to bring an abundance of wealth. It may not be monetary wealth- it may be- but it will be a wealth of peace, hope, joy, and love in the moments we live.

Don’t wait on the monetary and miss out on the momentary.



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