Traurigs In Training Update

FullSizeRenderAfter a few weeks and no posts, I felt an update post was due- to the few who follow

Life with 4 children is wonderful, wondrous, and….

sorry I just dozed off

What was I typing again…?

Oh yeah, an update. Life as a mom of 4 is tremendous, terrific, time consuming, tirinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Sorry I dozed off again.


I do love this new life as a mom of 4 but something has had to give and followers I apologize but it was the blog. Life is resuming though- at a new “normal”. And though I may be functioning on less sleep -as I am sure many of you mommies, single parents, college students, overworked professionals…etc can relate- life is good!

So thank you for following Be sure to stay connected in 2016 for new posts with potty humor, devotional thoughts on the go, recipes, videos, mommy & me fitness, and more.


#nofilter #nosleep #noproblem

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