Trying to Remember

My Mom always reminds me to “remember”. Ironic. Redundant. Necessary.

As a pregnant woman, I struggled with the fact that I loved the child I was carrying but felt physically and emotionally sloppy. As a young Mom, I have struggled with taking every tantrum my children throw personally- like they are all reflections of my failings as a mother. As a young woman in ministry, I struggle with feeling like a spiritual slob. Do you know what I mean? No matter how many mornings I try I can never seem to successfully wake up before the kids (or the sun) and read scripture with my freshly brewed coffee in hand OR memorize those heart tugging scriptures and recite them on whim. Rarely is my spiritual insight “refined” and without akward pauses. 😉 Oh I can go on and on… lol.

So I try to remember. 

My oldest child is 5 and some how recalling all the phases we have gone through with her so far, can be hard to remember. I listen to moms with infants and try to remember. But I have forgotten a lot! It is easy as a mother of older children to forget what the struggles of the earlier years were like. In how many other areas of my life, faith, or marriage, have I forgotten details I should be holding onto?

God please help me to remember. 


We are studying The Story right now. I LOVE it! Every chapter is a different story but echos the same 3 points: 

  1. People fail God (lie, murder, make mistakes, forget, complain,doubt…etc)
  2. God provides (especially for the people who repent after failing)
  3. God delivers

The Story is in essence the Bible. The stories in it are the stories from the Bible. Bible stories echo these three points. Why? What can I learn from it?

This week we read chapter 5- the Israelites and Moses are wandering in the desert. When the Israelites forget about what God did for them in the past and get caught up with life in the moment, future worries, present desires, … they complain. As a result, many die and ultimately the whole adult crowd miss out on getting to the promised land. See, forgetting has always been an issue. It is within our nature. So lets be a people that prays for the supernatural. Lord help us to never forget. 

God please help me to never forget but always trust you. If I want to know you I have to remember who You are. When I forget, when I worry, when I wander, when I start to complain…You are the same God of the Bible who provided for people who loved you but failed you (like me!). Be my Guide, my Provider, and my Deliverer. Thank you for the grace you give a failure like me. Help me to extend that same grace to others.


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