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 Early To Rise Book by Andy Traub

I recently finished reading this book, Early to Rise Challenge. It is a simple read with a great challenge- wake up early. 🙂

(Almost) every morning I was able to read one chapter of this book before the rest of my household woke up. The point of this 30 day challenge to rise early is to help readers begin a habit of waking early without the book. 

While there are many chapters that I enjoyed this one was one of my favorites. Here is a glimpse of chapter 24 from The Early to Rise Book:

Day 24 Reacting

What would your life be like if you initiated nothing? What if you only reacted?You would:

  • Never set an alarm clock.
  • Never speak without being spoken to.
  • Never reach out to shake someone’s hand first.
  • Never ask your wife how she’s feeling.
  • Never tell your child that they are special without them asking you first.
  • Never volunteer to help someone.
  • Never start a story on a blank piece of paper.
  • Never seek a new job, church, or friendship.

A life of reacting is a life out of your control. Do you want to live a life where you have control?… 

We are waiting for someone to call our name, and then we answer them. We sometimes initiate messages to people, but when we check our inbox, we are ultimately asking if anyone wants to talk to us. We are seeking a feeling of importance. We are hoping we are needed. When messages come in, we feel needed, and we react by replying. When no messages come in ,we feel unneeded and alone. The same is true of “likes” on your Facebook post, text messages, or cards in the mail on your birthday. When we wait for someone else to reach out to us, we are living a reactive life…

Reacting is part of life, but if all we do is react, then we will live a very different life than we would as a creator. A creator initiates projects, ideas, art, conversations, friendships, gatherings, and movements… 

Their plans do fail, but we don’t mind because they’ll try something again soon. Initiate a conversation with a stranger by complimenting them. Initiate playing with your kids instead of them asking you. Initiate a difficult conversation that you’ve been putting off...initiate a phone call to a friend or say a prayer for your children, spouse, or a hurting situation in our world. 

Check those electronic messages every hour, or better yet, just a few times a day…The first step to creating more is to stop consuming what other people have already created. 

You can initiate and create, or you can react and consume. Which do you choose for today?

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