Tuesday Teachable Moment: God’s Egg-stra Special Gift

Teachable Moment An Egg-stra Special Lesson after Easter

Do you have any extra plastic eggs laying around?

Here is a fun idea my husband and I used last year to talk with the kids about Easter and the gift of God’s Holy Spirit.

What do we celebrate at Easter? We celebrate that when Jesus died on the cross for us- he didn’t stay dead. Jesus beat Satan! Jesus beat death!

On Easter we celebrate that Jesus’ tomb was empty! (open an empty easter egg) Because Jesus is the Son of God he has amazing powers to do so much more than we can dream of. Yes, Jesus died at Easter time but the best part of His story is what happened after He died on the cross!

The empty egg can reminds us of what we celebrate at Easter- Jesus is alive. Jesus died on the cross but He didn’t stay dead. Wow! Talk with your kids about how powerful Jesus is. He can do things that we can’t. Why? Because He is the Son of God.

Now, why did Jesus do this?

Jesus died and rose again (or as Aaron would say  “rode” again) for me and you, so we can be in Heaven with Him forever. He doesn’t want our life with him to end at death either. He wants our story to get even better too!
And not just that…
Jesus promises to not leave us empty. For everyone who chooses to believe in Jesus and are baptized to be his followers, Jesus fills us with something SUPER EGG-stra special. His Holy Spirit!!! (put a piece of candy in the empty egg.)

What is the Holy Spirit? God’s gift to us. Himself, living in our hearts to help us and teach us everyday that we live for Him!

The candy in the eggs can remind us of this EGG-stra special gift that God has given us! The gift of his Spirit. There is nothing sweeter! 🙂

Side note: Last year, a few hours after this discussion Madi was talking about Jesus being her best friend. She said with excitement, “It is like I have an Easter Egg in my heart!” Awesome Mommy Moment!

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