Valentine’s Day Heart Hunt

Shout out to my friend Heidi at and She is incredible at posting FREE curriculum for kids 5 and under. Check out her post for a Valentine’s Day Treasure Heart Hunt!

I sent her these ideas a while back. We do this every year and come to find out we are 3rd generation heart hunters. 🙂 I made FREE riddles for you to download and do with your family too.

Valentine’s Day in our house is just another fun excuse to have a teachable moment with the kids. 🙂 Our Treasure Heart Hunt is a fun way to practice 1 John 4:8  & Mark 12:31.

When I was little, my parents always did a Heart Hunt on the morning of Valentine’s Day. Every year we would find a treat with a note out on the kitchen table. This note and treat always was the start of one of my favorite childhood memories.

Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Heart Hunt?

My husband and I really try to make a point and use what we can in the world to build a confidence in our children about who they are in Christ and who God created them to be. Yes, Cupid was the Greek God of love. Depending on the ages of your kiddos you can talk about how not everyone worships our God. The Greeks believed their were many gods. They believed that Cupid– who looks like a flying baby in a diaper 🙂 – was the god of love.

Our God is the one true God. His love for us is perfect. He wants everyone to know how much He loves them. On Valentines Day we are reminded that WE CAN BE HIS MESSENGERS! We can be His Cupids! Talk about it! How can you be God’s “Cupids” this Valentine’s Day? Who do you know that needs to know God loves them? As a family, what ways can you show love? In your neighborhood, at work, school, or just in your everyday tasks?

Note for the parents: So often we can get caught up in how loved we feel. What if we poured out love to others, not based on how “full” or “empty” our love tanks were but based on how overflowing God’s love is for all of us! Let’s be vessels of His overflowing love.

I hope you enjoy!

I will be sure to post pictures of my kiddos after they enjoy their “Heart Hunt” tomorrow morning. 🙂 But for now… I need to organize these goodies and get the Heart Hunt ready. Good thing Target has their “ONE SPOT” half off today so I can score some great last minute deals for Valentine’s Day!

I am pretty sure I might be more excited than the kids. 🙂


Click HERE for updated free Heart Hunt printables.