Valentine’s Day Heart Hunt

In our home, everything is a teachable moment! From princesses, pumpkins, bunnies and eggs, to the celebration of Valentine’s Day!

When I was little, my parents always did a Heart Hunt on the morning of Valentine’s Day. Every year we would find a treat with a note out on the kitchen table. This note and treat always was the start of one of my favorite childhood memories. The note included a riddle from “Cupid” that would lead me to another treat hiding somewhere in the house. We used these riddles to have fun, be silly, and also teach the kids about love. The final “best” treat ties back to God’s love for us.

Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Heart Hunt?  My husband and I really try to make a point and use what we can in the world to build a confidence in our children about who they are in Christ and who God created them to be. Yes, Cupid was the Greek God of love. Depending on the ages of your kiddos you can talk about how not everyone worships our God. The Greeks believed their were many gods. They believed that Cupid, who looks like a flying baby in a diaper, was the god of love. He was believed to be a messenger for the bigger god called Zeus.

Our God is the one true God. His love for us is perfect. He wants everyone to know how much He loves them. We can be His messengers! Talk about it! How can you be God’s “Cupids” this Valentine’s Day?

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