What I Saw Along the Way

Well, it is 11:00 PM and I am exhausted. How about you?

The nice part about having a blog- for me and my scrambled up thoughts- is that I get to organize them and write them out. The down side is that my favorite thoughts occur at the most inconvenient hours.

So here it is after 11 PM and I am blogging. 

If only Facebook had a “lame” tab. lol. 🙂

As I got into bed this evening, I found myself wrestling with God. You see, I felt a tug on my heart to get out of bed to accomplish a task. The task was incredibly menial and I was just trying to convince myself that:
  1. it wasn’t really that important
  2. no other sane person has God nudging them to do something this simple. Surely this is not a Spirit led nudge
  3. the cons of me getting out of my comfortable bed FAR outweighed the pros of me getting up to accomplish this task. 
Well, after 15-20 minutes of wrestling with this and not getting to sleep I got out of bed. With a frown. But I got out of bed.

On my “journey” from point a (bed) to point b (dumb task) I saw something. Now this is a big deal because what I saw was something I had spent nights praying over. I nearly forgot about the menial task at hand because I was overcome with such excitement.

Thus I stayed up to blog… lol

What if I never got of bed to follow through with what I felt called to do?

What if  I justified laying in my comfort because the task at hand seemed “not worth it”?

What if getting out of bed was more about what I was able to see along the way than the task I felt initially called to do?

When does God call us to do what seems menial? How often might His ultimate goal not simply be the tasks we feel nudged to follow through with but what it is He wants to show us along the way?

I know it is silly but after trying to avoid the initial nudge and go to sleep I was not about to ignore the next silly nudge to type out my little story. 😉 Goodnight.

3 thoughts on “What I Saw Along the Way

  1. Amanda Traurig said…
    The first Bible story that comes to mind is that of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham knew he was called to sacrifice his son but God’s intention was not for him to fulfill the final task but was rather what He wanted to show Abraham along the way.

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