What Stress Does to Mommy

After a week of straight-up crazy… I have been reminded that being blessed is not always in the details we expect.

With a near-death experience after swallowing money (Madi), breaking out in horrible hives and doped up on antihistamines (Mommy), teething (Sadie), broken iPad (Mommy), up all night stomach bug (Aaron), oh… and the normal poopy diapers, preparing meals, part time job, and dirty house to tackle… is it crazy that I just might feel more blessed this morning than most others?

It could be the limited sleep I got.

But more than that, I truly believe it is a peace and blessing that resonates from a Spirit within reminding me that through it all I am blessed.

My verse this morning:

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 

How could I not feel blessed after this reminder?

God is not only with me through all the triumphs and trials of life. He MADE me. He has plans for me. 

In nights of deep slumber and days of sleepless wandering- HE is with me and He reminds me that He created it all. He has a plan. A good one. And He wants me. Knowing my imperfections, He chose me in advance to do good.

So I see the good. All around me.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs right now  AND a few pics on my kids this morning and this past week.

I pray that you see your blessings, know your Creator, and find the peace and blessings His Holy Spirit gives.


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2 thoughts on “What Stress Does to Mommy

  1. Oh friend I had no idea how crazy of a week you had recently. Wow you are truly amazing…I’m so happy that like you said through it all you feel blessed. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the rest of us that are not too far behind…love you friend 🙂

    • Thanks my friend. My heart was to share because you are right… there is an army of Moms with similar/same situations. And hopefully it can give a much needed laugh to any over tired and over stressed Mom.

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