Why We Have Eyes and How to Use Them

With August being Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month and the start of the school year I could think of no better time to talk with the kiddos about choosing what to focus on. 

At school our kids can see so much! Families look different. Kids in the classroom look different. The way other kids act and talk is different. Or what about what is on television? There are so many great lessons for our kiddos to learn but only if we dare to talk about it at home. While this month is a fun month to talk with your kids at home about what their eyes look like AND a good reminder to make eye exam appointments, I can also think of no better time to talk about how God created our eyes and what He wants us to use them for.

Younger Kids: (Supplies: Mirror)

  • Lesson #1: Who made our eyes?
    • Cover one eye and describe what you see? Cover the other. Cover both.
    • What does God want us to use our eyes for?
    • God gave us eyes to see everything around us. We can see what He made- and give Him thanks. We can see people who need help- and help. We can see where to walk. We can even turn our eyes and our necks to look all around us. Look in a Mirror and Try it out!
    • How can you use your eyes for God?
    • Songs: These Are My GlassesOh Be Careful Little Eyes, I am Special, Two Little Eyes
  • Lesson #2: (Great for Elementary age too.) Can God see me?
    • Play Hide and Seek
    • Talk about it: Can we ever hide somewhere where God can’t see us? God is always watching over us! When we are happy, when we are sad, no matter where we go… God can always see us.

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Older Kids: (Supplies: Mirror, Flashlight)

  • Who made my eyes?
    • Look in the mirror with your kids. Compare your eyes.
    • What are the parts of the eyes? Eyelids, eyelashes, and tears protect our eyes by keeping dust and other harmful things from getting in. The little dark circle (pupil) in the center of each of your eye lets light in. If you are in a dark place where no lights are on, can you see anything? No, you can’t because our eyes need light to be able to see! Once the light goes in, it hits a part inside at the back of your eye that is very sensitive to light. This part is called the retina. The retina captures an image and uses a large nerve called the optic nerve to carry the image to your brain.
  • Read: John 8:12, “Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
  • How does light help us? Light helps us know where we’re going.  It helps us find the things we need.  It helps us know whether it’s safe to go a certain direction.
  • How is Jesus like “light”? If we don’t have Jesus, it’s hard to live the way we’re supposed to.  Just like trying to find a teddy bear in the dark on our own, it’s too hard.  But with the light, we could do it. (Try it out!)
  • Game: Play Catch: Standing several feet away from your child, toss a ball back and forth (or two kids can do it together). After a few tosses, blindfold your child(ren). Then try tossing the ball back and forth again. Talk about what senses you had to use when your eyes were covered and what was harder to do when you couldn’t see. How many more times did you catch the ball with your eyes open than when you had the blindfold on? Play again but this time with the lights off.
  • Talk about it: What do we need to see? The Bible says that when we make bad choices(sin) it is like we are blindfoling ourselves. Likewise, without faith in Jesus we do not have the “light” to see. God wants us to learn about Jesus and have faith in him so we can SEE better.
  • Read a Bible story tonight with your kids but this time turn the lights out and use a flashlight.
  • Take it one step further: Jesus wants us to be lights in the world.

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Fun Crafts and Activities to learn about Eyes

  • Check here for great tips on eye health for your little kiddos.
  • God Made My Face craft
  • God Made Me resource from Awanas (Ages 6-8)
  • More Fun: Where’s WaldoI SpyMagic Eye
  • Games: Hide and Seek (try hiding a toy too) or (for older kids play in the dark) & I Spy
  • Game: Let the children throw colored scarves or stuffed animals in the air. Call out a color and have them bring it to you. Cheer and clap as you tell them that God gave them eyes to see the colors.
  • Collect cardboard from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Work with your children to create telescopes and binoculars. Be creative! As you create discuss the lesson. We can use our telescopes to see a lot of things. Is there anything that God CAN’T see? Thank you God for always watching over us!
  • Great Eye Experiment to play with the kids
    • Create your own eye chart with the kids. If you have older kids, let them come up with their own and use it on you!
    • Play a game of “I spy” sometime this week while you are driving. Ask your kiddos what they can “spy” out the car window. Can they see everything? There is no way that we can watch everything that goes by our window but our God is SO big that He can see everything! No matter where we go our what we do- God watches over us!
  • For grown-ups: What are your eyes focused on this month? Check your depth perception. Meditate on these verses this month and take steps to maintain and improve your eye health. The goal of life is not perfect vision but rather learning to truly see with the aid of our great physician.
  • Genesis 3:6 (hmmmm… maybe going to what is pleasing to the eye does not always leave us with the best results.)
  • Matthew 5:29
  • Matthew 6:22 
  • Luke 6:42
  • 1 Cronicles 4:9

For more ideas on what and how to talk with your kids about God visit Mommy and Me Devos

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